Q: What has been proposed? Isn’t the site in the Green Belt?

Our proposals make the best use of the 70 acres of concrete runways and hardstanding at the former Wisley Airfield to around 2,000 much needed new homes, up to 800 of which will be affordable.

The site has been allocated in the Council’s emerging Local Plan as a Potential Major Development Area. Their study of the Green Belt identifies Wisley Airfield as a site suitable for development.

The Council has also proposed Wisley Airfield as a Garden Village.

Q: Why is it needed?

With house prices more than 14 times average incomes, homes in Guildford are amongst the most unaffordable in the country. More homes are desperately needed.

By the council’s own estimates, more than 693 new homes are needed every year just to meet local housing requirements.

Only 781 affordable homes have been delivered in Guildford over the last decade. Just 17 in 2013/14.

Wisley Airfield can make a huge contribution to this need by providing around 2,000 new homes of which up to 800 could be affordable.

Q: Have you consulted with residents? What do they think of the plans?

We have completed a number of resident’s surveys and consultation events. Our most recent survey found that of 500 18-40 year olds surveyed, 57% were in favour while just 10% were opposed.

Q: Hasn’t the site always been rural? Won’t it change the character of the area?

Wisley Airfield was built in the 1940s and 1950s and includes more than 70 acres of concrete and hardstanding – equivalent to 1,120 tennis courts.  It was used to test aircraft, including the V-bombers until the 1970s.

The site is a logical place for development. It has a consented direct access from the A3 and is within five miles of nine railway stations.

Q: Won’t the plans harm the local plants and animals?

We’re proposing a new parkland area for new and existing residents in excess of that asked for by Natural England.  The development will double the amount of high quality habitat on Wisley Airfield, to encourage more wildlife on the site.

To put it in context, we are providing an open space larger than Stoke Park.

Q: What financial contribution will the development make? How can this be guaranteed?

The development will be required to make a number of contributions towards local services such as secondary schools, healthcare and other local services. If planning consent is granted, these will be part of a legal agreement with Guildford Borough Council.

Q: Isn’t the airfield only accessible by car?

Wisley Airfield is within five miles of nine mainline railway stations, including Effingham Junction, which is a short cycle away. For non-cyclists, our proposals include plans for buses to run through the site to major local destinations with a target frequency of 15 minutes.

However, with shops, offices, a school for 5-16 year olds, nursery, a healthcare facility and sports fields onsite, the need to travel is reduced.

Q: Will the proposals increase the risk of flooding?

No. Our studies have concluded that there should be no additional flood risk and we are not planning to build on land at risk from flooding.

Q: Have you taken into account other planned developments in Guildford?

Guildford Borough Council has reviewed Wisley Airfield in the context of other planned developments in the Borough. Their Planning Officers concluded that Wisley Airfield is a good site for new homes and services and as a result have allocated it as a Potential Major Development site in the draft Local Plan.

Q: Won’t there be more traffic on the roads?

We’ve completed a thorough Transport Assessment and have identified a number of necessary road improvements which we will deliver as part of the proposals.

Q: The local schools are full, when will the school be built?

We will  be providing a ‘Through School’ which will include primary and secondary provision for new and existing residents. The school will open at a time agreed with the County Council as part of the planning application.

Q: Won’t there be more strain on local services?

Rather the opposite. The new community at Wisley Airfield will provide services to the surrounding community. The masterplan includes new shops, an all through school, offices, a large park, a health care facility, a care home, a crèche, sports facilities and more.

Q: Haven’t you already got planning permission for a waste processor?

The consented waste facility has not been included in Surrey Waste Partnership’s Waste Strategy and there has been no interest in operating it. From the County or from commercial operators.

Q: Is the site big enough for all those houses?

Yes. Our we have designed a development which combines the benefits of modern living with the pleasure of the countryside. It meets all the necessary technical criteria.

Q: Is the site in line with current policy?

Planning policy is under constant review to ensure that it matches the needs of the community. Wisley Airfield has been identified in Guildford Borough Council’s draft Local Plan as a Potential Major Development Site.

Q: Can you still develop on the site if the VOR beacon is in place and operating?

The VOR beacon is due to be phased out between 2017-20

The buildings that are built before the removal of the beacon will be controlled by planning conditions. For example they will not be built within a certain distance, or beyond a certain height in relation to the beacon.