Our new community

Guildford Borough Council has identified Wisley for development in their emerging local plan but they still refused the planning application to build a sustainable new community with:

  • Improved green space,
  • New road improvements;
  • An ‘All Through’ school for 5-16 year olds;
  • Up to 800 housing association or subsidised homes;
  • and a mix of 1200 further homes.

If we don’t do something at Wisley, it will remain derelict and disused for many years to come – missing the obvious opportunity to provide new homes locally.

“There’s nowhere for first-time buyers. Even if you have enough for a deposit, there’s nowhere you can afford to live on your own.” – Guildford resident

“I can’t afford anything in the Guildford area, so that’s why I live with my parents. It’s the deposit that kills you.” – Guildford resident