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Wisley Airfield redevelopment finds favour

Wisley Property Investments has carried out three surveys over the course of 2015 & 2016 as part of its ongoing consultation into proposals to redevelop Wisley Airfield, the largest brownfield site in Guildford’s area of Greenbelt. The surveys have all shown support for the redevelopment of the airfield.

The latest telephone survey was carried out in May/June by an independent market research company. When asked “How would you describe your views on the proposals for a new community to be built at Wisley Airfield?” three times as many respondents were in favour than were opposed. The results broke down as follows:

  • 45% were strongly or slightly in support
  • 31% neither supported or opposed
  • 15% opposed
  • 9% didn’t know.

The most recent survey was designed to gather views of 500 Guildford Borough residents between the ages of 18-40. The survey also found that:

  • Just 32% Guildford based respondents own their own home (this compares to 67% of 25-34s in 1991 and 43% nationwide) [i]
  • 42% rent jointly or singly
  • 22% live with parents

Respondents overwhelmingly believed the reason for low rates of home ownership is the high cost of housing (71%).

Respondents agreed on two factors which would help them get on the housing ladder:

  • 76% of respondents thought that not enough affordable housing is being built in Guildford Borough, with just 12% thinking enough affordable homes are being built.
  • When asked how helpful various factors might be in helping people to afford to buy their first home, 85% of respondents agreed that Government support for first time buyers would be helpful (71% rating it ‘Very helpful’). Only 6% though it was not helpful.

The survey follows two other independent surveys undertaken in March & April 2015 which had similarly positive findings.

Previous surveys have found:

  • 46% of 1002 people surveyed by telephone (April 2015) support proposals for Wisley Airfield. Only 30% were opposed.
  • 65% of 300 under-35s interviewed in a face-to-face survey were in favour of the proposals for Wisley. Only 20% were opposed (May 2015).

The methodology and results tables for all three surveys can be downloaded from this page.

[i] http://visual.ons.gov.uk/uk-perspectives-housing-and-home-ownership-in-the-uk/2015

Download the surveys here:

18-40s telephone survey May 2016
On Street survey Apr 2015
Wisley Telephone Survey March 2015