Extensive natural environments

Inspired by our neighbours at RHS Wisley, our aim is to reinstate extensive natural environments that have been lost over the years. 

We want to restore over 33ha of arable monoculture and concrete runway to a diverse mix of species-rich grassland, scrub, woodland, swales and ponds.

By doing so, the site will deliver a 20% biodiversity net gain – double the national policy requirement.

Our plans include a phased c.45ha Country Park, which will be opened to all prior to any homes being occupied.

Once complete this park, referred to as a Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG), will be larger than Guildford’s Stoke Park and will provide a series of carefully-managed areas of protected woodland, grasslands and wetland.

The scheme will also include more than 10km of new walking routes, play areas and new community facilities including a visitor centre and dog training areas. 


We will plant c.7940 trees and shrubs to create over 31,000m2 of new native woodland (an area equivalent to approximately four football pitches) within the SANG and along the south-eastern boundary.

In addition, we will also plant over 16,000 shrubs with trees to create over 39,000m² of native scrub (an area equivalent to approximately four and a half football pitches) and 1.4km of native hedgerow to encourage biodiversity.

To create immediate impact within the Country Park, over 800 new larger specimen trees will be planted, ranging in size from 2.5m up to 6m tall.

Over half of these will be native species, but we have, following discussions with RHS Wisley decided to include some non-native species to increase seasonal interest, being disease resilient, and tolerant against the effects of climate change.

The country park will be part of a wider network of green spaces weaving through the development.

We are taking a Landscape led approach protecting and enhancing the most sensitive features of the former Wisley Airfield. The Veteran Tree (right) for example is part of the historic landscape and will be protected and its health monitored to secure its longevity into the future

In achieving a Building with Nature Design Award Taylor Wimpey’s proposals for the former Wisley Airfield demonstrate the capability of a green infrastructure-led approach to deliver sensitive and sustainable placemaking at scale in the 21st century.
Tim Bevan, Assistant Director for Building with Nature


Neighbourhood Parks will be located between the 3 neighbourhoods. 

Focused around a landscaped green
Each of the three residential neighbourhoods will be focused around a landscaped green, and will be surrounded by open, accessible spaces with play areas and doorstep access to nature including community orchards and pocket parks.
Adaptable, resilient and robust
Green spaces will be adaptable, resilient and robust in the face of climate change, and will encourage community food production and play.

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