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Taylor Wimpey has submitted The Former Wisley Airfield hybrid planning application to Guildford Borough Council under the application number 22/P/01175. The application includes up to 1,730 homes, community facilities, and sustainable travel infrastructure which has been curated through the feedback generated from the local community throughout the four chapters of engagement.

Your support for the planning application would be much appreciated. Please select from the options below that are relevant to you. We would also appreciate it if you could write your own comments in the text box below. This will create an email and be sent to a planning officer at Guildford Borough Council.

I support the Former Wisley Airfield hybrid planning application because:


40% of the 1730 houses will be affordable through the partnership with Vivid.



There will be community facilities including: shops, cafes, sports facilities such as football, hockey and tennis, a primary school and provision for secondary school and nursery schools. There will also be 417 permanent on-site jobs.


Environment and Green Space:

The development is dedicated to a 20% net biodiversity gain, supported through their partnership with B-line introducing a pollinators network. The location also having 50 hectares of new accessible country park, 10km of walking routes, as well as spaces within the development such as pocket parks and a community orchard.

Environmental and Green Spaces

Travel infrastructure:

The travel infrastructure will be improved, with bus routes running from the development to key destinations, as well as work to improve cycle routes and lanes, and even improving the current public rights of way on the land.


Cratus is collecting and processing your data on behalf of Taylor Wimpey and will be used to send an email to a planning officer at Guildford Borough Council.