Community Consultation

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Our consultations

In 2014, public  consultation events were held in Guildford, Ripley, East Horsley and on the Airfield itself. Over 750 people attended our public exhibition for Wisley Airfield. Of the 250 feedback forms received:

  • 60% were positive or neutral
  • Just a third were negative

In 2015, we commissioned independent telephone and on-street surveys in the borough, carried out by Marketing Means, an accredited Market Research Society partner agency. The surveys found that:

  • Of more than 1000 residents of Guildford Borough, 46% were in favour of development on Wisley Airfield, and only 30% were opposed
  • In an on-street survey of 300 under 35s, 65% supported the development of Wisley Airfield

In 2016 and 2017 further telephone surveys of 18-40 year olds were carried out. These showed:

  • In 2016, 45% were in favour of proposals for Wisley Airfield with just 15% against
  • In 2017, 57% were in favour of the proposals with just 10% against.